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Why do I often attend conferences for English teachers?

Опубликовано Вера Новикова вход мотивация · 17/8/2021 10:45:28
Tags: CPD

Why do I often attend conferences /webinars for English teachers?

Have you ever heard of “CPD”? This abbreviation stands for Continuous Professional Development. The name is self-explanatory. Basically, it means live and learn. :)

I have been teaching English for almost two decades. In order to remain a competent specialist in a very competitive environment I prefer to brush up my methodology knowledge as well sharpen my language skills on a regular basis.

So why the conferences? The answer is simple. Ready-to-use tools, creative approaches, smart ideas, innovative trends combined with like-minded people can well promote my personal, let alone professional growth, in
no time.

Naturally, teachers are no exception to severe burnout. From my perspective, such uplifting events full of practical recommendations are like a breath of fresh air.

I do believe that an inspired teacher is able to infect her students with enthusiasm and turn their interest in English into
a life-long passion. Are you ready to enjoy this journey with me?

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